Photo Credit: Tommy Butler 

Photo Credit: Tommy Butler 

In 2017, I forced myself to write a list of things I want to remember while making my work. Here they are. 

-Theater should be different than television. 

-Work to break the binary of who is an artist and who is not. 

-The production does not exist without the people in the room. They and their experiences are always
more important than the show.

-Don’t make decisions because you are uncomfortable in the unknowing space.
Conversely: don’t try to leave all options open forever.

-Theater is a space of collision. Dare to offend. 

-Strive for virtuosity, elegance and transcendence. When you can’t get there, revel in laughter, play and
bumbling humanity.

-Know everyone’s name. Name them over and over and over again.

-People will show up to the same place at same time and watch something you helped make. This is a
gift and a responsibility.

-Make work for the America that you want to be part of.